r3 contract management for govcon unique features
Contract Management for GovCon

Designed to meet the unique needs of Federal Government Contractors.

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Make GovCon Program Management more manageable.
See how you can get control over the work of managing GovCon programs.
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Task Order Factory
Streamline and automate your Task Order proposal response.
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One system for integrated capture and proposal management.
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R3 provides a suite of business software solutions that are purpose-built for Federal Government Contractors (“GovCon”). Our software helps you Win more government RFPs and Task Orders, Deliver the business more successfully, and better Manage contracts, subcontracts and supporting activities across the organization.

Leverage R3 software to move your GovCon business ahead in FY19.

February 2019 marks the 10 year business anniversary of R3 Business Solutions. Read about how we got here and where we are going.

Highlighted Solutions

WinCenter Capture and Proposal Mgmt

The means to win more GovCon business.

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Contract Management

Industry-specific Contract Management for Federal Government Contractors.

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Program Management

Manage the delivery of GovCon programs/contracts/task orders.

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How do we do it? With purpose-built GovCon Solutions based upon a uniquely flexible Work Management Platform.

Customers achieve results quickly by leveraging our suite of off-the-shelf GovCon Solutions. Each solution becomes part of an open, flexible, inter-connected GovCon workplace running on Microsoft SharePoint.. With R3, you eliminate silos, streamline and automate work, and, make it easier to get work done. You get a better way to work without giving up the ability to have it your way.

R3 GovCon Program Management

R3 GovCon Suite

Get started with any of our 6 GovCon solutions in the R3 GovCon Suite to help you Win, Deliver and Manage your work. They address the business-critical activities of Winning and Delivering business. And, they work together to make work easier, more productive and more manageable. What do you need in your GovCon workplace?

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Have it Your Way

Every GovCon organization is different. Isn’t it about time your software did the flexing to meet your needs, rather than you having to change to use the software. The flexibility of R3’s Work Management Platform empowers you to create a work environment that works the way you need it to. It delivers 6 key capabilities that enable you to have it your way.

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