New Contract Initiation

an R3 My Work™ Business Process Application

BPA Overview

GovCon organizations need to manage Government contracts, vendor contracts and subcontractor contracts. Getting new contracts done involves multiple people working together in a process involving multiple documents (and iterations), collaboration, and in-process work. This BPA brings it all together. Required information is put at your fingertips. Participants are able to collaborate, contribute and take action within the process. All of your information is stored in the right place – by the system.

Benefits Realized

  • Get visibility and consistency across new contract processes
  • Make better decisions based upon all required information being available to users
  • Eliminate contracts from falling through the cracks or slipping through un-noticed
  • Eliminate information duplication and email chaos
  • Make it easier for participants to see, contribute and act on contract documents
  • Insure that contract documents are securely stored in the right place




Watch On-Demand Demonstration

See how the New Contract Initiation BPA makes it simple and easy to get the work done.