WinCenter® Reporting and Analytics

WinCenter manages a great deal of work across your full business development lifecycle. In the process, it accumulates and creates lots of information. Our Reporting and Analytics puts this information at your fingertips and gives you the visibility and insight you need about your business development activity.

You have a rich set of capabilities. To make life easy, we have four types of Business User Configurable reports. These make it easy for people to get at the information and have it their way. You can easily create as many as you need. We also provide a powerful Advanced Reporting & Analytics capability that allows you to work with information within WinCenter and in external systems to provide you with the custom reports and analytical results that you need to make decisions.


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Feature Highlights

Business User Configurable Reports

We make it easy for people to get the information they need and work with it. We have four different types of Business User Configurable reports: Graphical Drilldown, Tabular Reports, Master Calendar and Pivot Charts. Each type of report gives users a different way to see the information and to interact with it.

As Business User Configurable reports we make it very easy for business "power" users to create new reports for themselves or others using simple, reporting wizards. Create as many as you need.

Graphical Drilldown

These reports are perfect for user self-service. They present data in a clean graphical format. Click on an area and you drill down into the supporting data. Present the information in a funnel (as shown below), column, bar, pie or line style. It is easy to make them using a simple reporting wizard.

WinCenter Opportunity Pipeline Funnel

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Tabular Reports

Use tabular reports to slice and dice the basic data of WinCenter. You can create reports that are Filtered and display the information with Grouping, Column Totaling and lots of display details like color and conditional formatting. Users can work with the reports. They can use Pinpoint Search to dynamically filter the results based upon a specific piece of information in any field (fuzzy search) or they can set specific Filter criteria. When they see what they want, they can take it with them. They can print it or export it to Excel, PDF, Word or .CSV formats.

Tabular Report - Weidghted Pipeline Value

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Master Calendar

See and work with events across opportunities in Master Calendars. Below we show a display of color reviews across proposals. The events are color-coded for each opportunity. Each is also keyed based upon the color review type (such as Pink Team, Red Team and White Glove). The user can view the information and click to drill down directly into the color review work area.

Master Calendar - Reviews

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Pivot Charts

Provide people with pre-set charts of data with pivots. This allows them to better understand what is going on. Power users can use the Pivot Chart ribbon to manipulate the chart real-time to change its format say from a column to a bar chart or pie chart. This interactive capability is great for responding to data calls from people that want it exactly there way. One click and you can print it, save it or email it. Job done.

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Advanced Reporting and Analytics

WinCenter comes with powerful capabilities for custom advanced reporting and analytics. It includes sample advanced reports to get you started. It includes more than 100 types of data visualization graphical styles to work with from Heat Maps to Gauges, Scatter Charts to Sparklines and Marker and Bubble Charts. Or, you can create your own display using standard web designer skills.

It is a very powerful capability. It is not for business users. But, if you have a person with web designer skills (XML, CSS, HTML, XSLT) you can get at just about any information and have it just the way you want it. The power is that WinCenter comes with an extensive API that lets you connect to data to use in your custom reports. It allows you to access the WinCenter data stored in SharePoint with simple, server-side REST-style calls, or, connect to external data via ADO.NET, Web Services, REST or HTML. You can also mash-up data from separate sources and perform analyses.

Opportunity 360° Dashboard: Capture & Proposal Activities 

This dashboard provides a 360° view of an opportunity. It enables people to know where the opportunity is at any given time. A key part is the Activities section. This shows the status of the pre-defined capture and proposal activities for an opportunity based upon the phase of the opportunity. This dashboard is interactive and users can collaborate on each activity.

Opportunity Management 360 view - R3 WinCenter

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Sample Data Visualization: Heat Map of Opportunity Size by Probability of Win

This advanced report is a great way to see how your opportunities look as a portfolio. It is using a standard Heat Map style display for data visualization. It shows opportunity data by value and probability of win and then plots it on the chart. It has handy features like hover over data pop-up and data sets represented by different icons based upon the vehicle for the opportunity.

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Sample Custom Report: Pursuit KPI's

This custom dashboard-style report is included with WinCenter. It shows the most recent Pursuit Progress Assessment KPI's across your portfolio of opportunities. Use this report to get a real-time overview of where each opportunity is based upon your standard pursuit KPI's.

This is a custom styled display modified using just a bit of HTML/CSS. The data is accessed, manipulated and formated in XSLT using a simple REST-like query to our API.

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