WinCenter® Proposal Management

Tired of the manual work? It’s time your software actually helped you get the work done.

R3 WinCenter® Proposal Management software helps you get the work done. It is designed to support the needs of proposal teams that are driving document-centric proposal development processes. It streamlines and automates proposal work so your team can focus on quality. And, it provides top down visibility and collaboration across proposals to drive greater overall effectiveness. 

With WinCenter, you have software that is ready to work and support the best practices that you need to succeed. And, its exceptional flexibility means that you are empowered to change and enhance WinCenter to get the work done your way.

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Streamlined Proposal Work. Better Proposal Management.

Bottom Up Proposal Development

Streamline and automate proposal development.

Top Down Proposal Management

Real time visibility and collaboration.

Flexibility to Have it Your Way

It's time that the software did the flexing to meet your needs.

Bottom Up Proposal Development

WinCenter streamlines and automates the work of getting each proposal done. It eliminates a great deal of manual, administrative work, and, the distractions. Participants can now focus on the work that drives quality results.

Reuse Proposal Assets

We make it easy, convenient and efficient to reuse proposal assets from a central knowledge repository. They are put at your fingertips where and when you need them. The reuse drives greater consistency and quality.


Drive Writer & Reviewer Assignments

Drive writer and reviewer work with streamlined workflows and automation. Manage the ping-pong back and forth and always know who has the ball. Participants see just the items they need to work on. They can co-author and use collaborative commenting for a richer, team experience.


Conduct Color Reviews

Color Team Reviews are a standard best practice for proposal organizations. They require document preparation, scheduling and coordination, collaborative reviews, comments and comment management, debriefs and follow through. WinCenter simplifies this work by streamlining and automating the activities and providing a rich collaborative experience for all participants.


Top Down Proposal Management

It's one thing to manage a single proposal. But, most organizations struggle with managing multiple proposals in parallel. WinCenter provides you with top down visibility and collaboration across all of your proposals. It makes a portfolio of proposals manageable and drives greater effectiveness.

Visibility. One Team, Same Page.

Get real-time visibility into your portfolio of proposals and the details of each one. Everyone stays on the same page – literally with our 360⁰ view. Better visibility means better decisions and the ability to act at a point when you can make a difference in the outcome.

360 Proposal View

Manage the Schedule

Each proposal has a schedule. The challenge is to manage and coordinate the schedule across all of your proposals. With WinCenter, we make that happen and go further to enable people to use the schedule to get work done. We manage Customer Milestones, Internal Events, Gate Reviews and Color Reviews.

Processes that Pop

Organizations have cross-organizational processes that support proposal efforts. Examples are Gate Reviews, Bid & Proposal Budget Approvals and Subcontractor Agreement requests. WinCenter makes process work vastly simpler for all users and more effective. It gives them one place to go for all of their process work. And, you get visibility into your processes across your proposals.

Gate Review

Flexibility to Have it Your Way

Every organization manages their proposal work a bit differently. And, even individual proposals are different – some large, some small, some just more complex. They also change as they progress. To optimize your work, you need software that can accommodate these differences and changes. WinCenter is unusually flexible software. The features for change are built-in to empower you to change WinCenter to meet your needs. You are no longer limited by your software.

Role-Based Experience

WinCenter provides you with a role-based experience. We make it easy for you to change who has access to what and what they can do. This enables you to make the experience far simpler for the casual user which reduces training and drives user acceptance. On the flip side, you can provide your power users with everything they need.

My Documents to Write

Changing the Proposal Experience

Proposals are different. Proposals change over time. They may start out more simple and become more complex as they progress. You can change the proposal experience real-time as they progress. You can turn features on and off with a couple of clicks using the Design Canvas shown here.

Design Canvas

Add New Features

We don’t provide everything you may need out-of-the-box. But, you can. WinCenter comes with built-in, easy-to-use configuration wizards that empower you to customize existing features and even add your own. You are no longer limited by your software.

Proposal Console - My Way