Teaming Partner Engagement

Teaming Partner Engagement for Government Contractors on SharePoint

business, teamwork, connection and people concept - group of smiEngaging teaming partners and subcontractors in your capture and proposal development processes is a key part of winning business for most Federal Government Contractors. It is often required when working on complex RFPs that require their involvement and to be responsive on IDIQ Task Orders.

WinCenter provides you with a better framework that enables you to efficiently engage with teaming partners in a secure and managed environment across a SharePoint work environment.



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WinCenter Partner Portal

WinCenter comes with a Partner Portal that is separate from the core WinCenter work environment.  It is a central location where partners go to engage with you.  Unlike most SharePoint implementations, using this approach teaming partners are not directly accessing working sites.  Instead, they use the portal to see, contribute and act on the information, data calls, and action items that you provide to them.  This approach makes it easier for the partner because there is just one place to go and more secure for you.

Data Calls Made Easy

Managing cumbersome data calls with teaming partners and subcontractors is now easy and efficient.  The process is streamlined with notifications that drive partner engagement and alert you to updates.

Keep Partners on Task

With this approach, you can keep partners and subcontractors on task as part of the team.  Within your workspace, the work of partners is just part of your work stream.  For partners, they now have a consolidated view of their work across opportunities.