Opportunity Life Cycle Management

Opportunity Lifecycle Management for GovCon Business Development

Business Life Cycle in Technology as an Art

The Federal Government Contractor (GovCon) industry has a standardized best practice process for business development across the opportunity life cycle.  WinCenter is software designed by GovCon practioners for practioners.  It is specifically built to support the best practices of the GovCon industry and to provide practitioners with an easily configurable framework to meet their specific way of working. It is a process and activity oriented solution that runs on Microsoft SharePoint.


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Consistent execution of the industry standard process

WinCenter is designed to support the phase-based process approach of GovCon business development from opportunity ID and Qualification through Award.  The system puts the information and tools at the fingertips of users when and where they need it throughout the process.  This makes it easier to do the right things at the right time to drive success.

Onboard Guidance and Tools to Drive Results

WinCenter comes with pre-populated phase-based activities and with narratives to guide the user.  It also includes 100 standard forms and templates.  They are available when and where the user needs them throughout the lifecycle.  They can be leveraged to get started out of the box.  Or, you can leverage the guided framework to put your special way of working at the fingertips of users.

An Integrated GovCon BD System

WinCenter is an integrated system that supports the full BD process.  Business development, capture management, proposal development, and business executives have the information and tools they need to do their jobs but as part of a single integrated system.  This eliminates the gaps and gotchas that inhibit efficiency, increase costs and put opportunities at risk.

Enterprise Visibility, Reporting and Insights

WinCenter does more than drive activity and capture data.  It gives you real-time information of opportunities across the life cycle in customizable reports ranging from tabular reports to pivot charts to custom drilldowns, financial analysis and analytics.  You can create customized role-based dashboards.  You can perform briefings from the system and eliminate the need for ad hoc data calls that distract people from their work.  You can make informed decisions and take action.

 The Flexibility to Have it Your Way

Out of the box you can move immediately into a work environment that drives your success based upon GovCon industry best practices. But, every organization has their secret sauce. WinCenter is unusually flexible, powered by an open application platform of CorasWorks on SharePoint. This enables you to easily customize the process, the automation, the workflow, the information to have it your way.