Knowledge Asset Management

Knowledge Asset Management for Government Contractors on SharePoint


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The most effective capture and proposal management processes within Federal Government Contractors tend to have efficient systems for the use and reuse of knowledge assets.  Reuse of quality knowledge assets drives greater productivity, higher quality, and lower costs. 

However, most organizations settle for just maintaining a knowledge repository of assets such as forms and templates, boilerplate, graphics, past proposals, and, part performance.  This is a required part of the puzzle.  But, not the complete solution.  The result is that most knowledge assets go underutilized.

R3 WinCenter® is an integrated capture and proposal management system running on Microsoft SharePoint that is purpose built for Government Contractors.  It includes all of the elements of a complete Knowledge Asset Management system to be effective:

  • It has the central repository.
  • It makes it convenient for users to leverage and reuse the assets where they work.
  • It uses knowledge to drive the process and prescriptively guide users on the next step.
  • And, it makes it convenient for them to contribute new assets to be reviewed and published.

Together, these four elements provide organizations with a 360 degree virtuous cycle to add value through the creation and reuse of knowledge.


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Central Knowledge Asset Repository

WinCenter provides a central knowledge asset repository.  This is where the published assets reside.  It provides an Onramp for new assets.  It supports maintenance of process assets such as forms and templates as well as working documents such as boilerplate, past performance, graphics, and past proposals.  It allows you to manage the assets through a review and publishing cycle.  This is the start.

Making Reuse of Knowledge Assets Super Convenient

WinCenter is deployed on a SharePoint environment.  Typically, organizations do their work on opportunities (capture and proposal development) within separate, secure workspaces.  The problem is that when users are working on a proposal they are in one place and the knowledge assets are somewhere else.  It is not convenient to reuse assets.  In WinCenter, users are able to access knowledge assets directly from within the workspace.  They can search the assets, view them, and “fetch” them into the working proposal site.  This convenience translates into higher awareness and reuse which drives greater productivity and quality.

Using Knowledge to Drive Process

WinCenter also puts process knowledge at the fingertips of users based upon the context of their work.  WinCenter is a system that drives opportunities through an industry standard phase-based process.  So, whenever users are working on an opportunity or proposal it is in a certain phase.  WinCenter puts the relevant forms and templates at the fingertips of users for each phase.  It makes it easy to reuse them.  In addition, WinCenter provides a framework that provides users with the listing of pre-specified activities to drive their process along with narratives to explain what they should do.  With WinCenter you are able to drive process through knowledge.

Making Contribution of Knowledge Assets Super Convenient

Congratulations, your proposal team has just submitted their proposal.  In the process the team created some great new content that could add value to your knowledge assets.  WinCenter makes it super convenient for the users to submit this content to the onramp of your Knowledge Repository.  This kicks off the review and publishing process to drive a new cycle of reuse.