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Capture Management for Government Contractors on SharePoint

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Successful GovCon capture management is about driving opportunities through a business development life cycle based upon consistent, repeatable activities.  WinCenter is a purpose-built solution that helps capture management professionals accomplish this while minimizing the distractions, disconnects, and, duplications that reduce productivity and put captures at risk.  It runs on Microsoft SharePoint and bring a rich, enhanced feature set that is targeted to meet the needs of the GovCon capture process.


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Not Just Data, But the Means to Drive Progress

With WinCenter you are able to capture all of the key data needed for an opportunity like a CRM system.  But, unlike a CRM database, it is process and activity driven.  It supports capture managers and team members to do the right things at the right time to move the capture forward.  It drives your users to take action on the next step vs. just using software to document what was done.

Consistent capture activity framework

WinCenter comes with a framework to guide and drive capture activity across the life cycle. It allows you to specific standard capture activities across the life cycle and track their progress. It enables you to provide guidance to users that is made available when and where they need it.

Supporting the depth of capture work

Each opportunity has a secure workspace to manage capture and proposal activity.  This provides all team members with a single place for their collaborative work.  No more gaps or missed handoffs that put captures at risk.  It starts with an Opportunity 360 View putting key opportunity information, activities and status, action items, events and team members on a single page.  It then provides you with a full spectrum of information and tools to drive the activity and capture the information across phases, activities, gate and color reviews and supporting activities.

Teaming Partner Engagement

WinCenter enables you to engage with Teaming Partners via a secure, partner portal without allowing them access to your opportunity workspace.  This insures that they can see, contribute and act only on the items that you make available to them.    

Providing Visibility and consistency across opportunities

Capture managers also have to manage “up” in the organization.  WinCenter makes this a snap.  As you and your team get work done, WinCenter provides executive users with visibility they require across opportunities.  Master calendars and schedules provide visibility across all opportunities on customer milestones, gate reviews, and color reviews.  Executive Gate Review briefings are easy to manage and conduct. Pursuit Progress Assessment KPI’s enable all opportunities to be evaluated on a consistent basis.  Extensive customizable reporting with drilldown provides users with real-time information. The result is that manual briefings and ad hoc data calls are reduced allowing you to spend more time on capture activities.

Key Capture Management Capabilities

Some of the key capabilities of WinCenter driving capture management success are:

  • Phase-Based Opportunity Tracking - organize and manage opportunities through industry standard, phase-based life cycle
  • Secure Opportunity Workspaces – each opportunity has a secure, workspace to support access to tools and information and collaboration amongst all team members across the life cycle
  • Opportunity 360 View – see all key aspects of opportunities in one view including status of each standardized capture activity
  • Gate Review Briefings - manage schedule and information for executive level gate reviews
  • Master Calendars and Schedules – for visibility of Customer Milestones, Gate Reviews and Color Reviews across activities
  • Pursuit Progress Assessment KPI’s – that provide the organization with a standard set of KPI’s to track the pursuit progress across opportunities
  • Capture Planning Tools – to standardize activities and drive consistency across captures
  • Prescriptive Capture Activity Management – pre-populated capture activities by phase with supporting narratives and templates
  • WinCenter Asset Library and Fetch – centralized repository of reusable knowledge and process assets such as past proposals, forms and templates, boilerplate plans, resumes, standardized capture activities and corporate information are put at the fingertips of use where and when they need them
  • Configurable Reporting and Analytics – easy access to real-time reporting and analytics about all opportunities in the pipeline
  • Teaming Partner Portal – interact with Teaming Partners in a secure, structured way that makes them valuable contributors to captures