R3 WinCenter®

Integrated Capture and Proposal Management for GovCon

R3 WinCenter® helps you win more business. It is an integrated capture and proposal management software system that is specifically designed to meet the needs of Federal Government Contractors (“GovCon”) bidding on government RFPs.

With WinCenter you have a system that:

  • Supports the industry standard GovCon Business Development Lifecyle and its best practices
  • Brings the work of capture and proposal development into one system to drive greater productivity and effectiveness
  • Streamlines and automates the work of all participants across the lifecycle
  • Runs on top of Microsoft SharePoint, the world’s leading content management platform
  • Is unusually flexible and allows you to customize, enhance and extend the system to meet your unique organizational needs

WinCenter is used by small business just starting to formalize their processes, mid-tier organizations looking to enhance their way of winning, and, large organizations seeking to replace their custom or legacy systems. Learn more about what it can do for you.

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Customer Success 

See how other Government Contractors are leveraging WinCenter to win more business.

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  • Learn more about how what it takes to deploy WinCenter for your organization
  • See how you are empowered to make changes to WinCenter as needed

Winning with WinCenter®

Drive Consistent Business Development Process Execution

Consistent process execution is proven to drive better results.  WinCenter is designed to support the phase-based process of the GovCon business development life cycle from Opportunity Identification, through Capture and Proposal Development, to Award.  It drives the process and the activities that go into it.  It puts the information and tools at the fingertips of users when and where they need it throughout the process.  This makes it easier to do the right things at the right time to drive success.

One System for All of Your Work

With WinCenter, the gaps and silos just go away. Your capture management people work in the same system as your proposal development people.  Your teaming partners can be engaged in your process.  No more missing or incorrect information.  No duplication.  No problems with handoffs and misses.  There is one view of the opportunity, the information, and, the activity. It is one system, supporting your well defined, seasoned process.

Work is Automated and Optimized by Role

A great deal of work goes into a successful win. WinCenter automates work through closed-loop processes that drive users back into the system to get the work done. The information and tools are put at their fingertips based upon their role. This eliminates the chaos, distraction, and noise of random email, activity, and multiple versions of documents. You are able to easily customize the existing workflows and notifications and add your own task-specific user actions using the easy to use configuration wizards.

Visibility That Drives Results

WinCenter provides you with ability to see information and activity across your life cycle. You have consolidated reports and dashboards - easily configured to your desires. You can slice and dice information and drill down to the details. You have standard metrics for pursuit progress assessments and objective Pwin (Probablility of Win) calculations.  You have Master Calendars and Schedules.  By doing your normal work, the information is formatted and presented to executives and others in real-time and in the way they need it.  This reduces the time contributors need to spend responding so that they can invest in work that drives results.

Centrally Managed Assets at the Fingertips of Users

WinCenter makes it convenient to reuse valuable knowledge and process assets.  With WinCenter, you can centrally manage your capture and proposal development knowledge and process assets. These assets are put at the fingertips of users when and where they are working. This convenience means that the users actually re-use this knowledge to deliver better results.

Powerful Blend of Best of COTS and Best of Custom Software

WinCenter is an off the shelf solution.  But, because it is built on the R3 work management platform and runs on  Microsoft SharePoint, it is unusually flexible and customizable.  WinCenter represents the new breed of software that combines the best parts of COTS software (low cost, low risk, advanced supported feature set) with the best parts of custom development which is the ability to have it your way and enhance the software with new features that drive competitive advantage.  You no longer need to make a tradeoff decision - you can have it all.