Winning new business is the lifeblood of all Federal Government Contractors.  It involves coordinated work amongst Business Development, Capture, Proposal Management, business groups and partners.  In today’s hyper-competitive environment, you need the effectiveness of great process and the tools to drive efficiencies to beat the competition.

But, the working reality for most organizations is far less than optimal.  Users are engulfed in manual processes, Excel spreadsheets, and email.  Those activities that are automated typically rely on legacy, proprietary systems that stifle innovation and relegate work to siloes.  Homegrown systems are custom developed at a high cost and risk.

R3 is leading the way in setting a new standard for winning government contracts.  For our Win solutions, we have partnered with companies that have extensive practical expertise in the processes that drive winning results.  They have built flexible, off-the-shelf, purpose-built solutions that embed industry best practices in solutions that run on the CorasWorks on SharePoint open application platform.

R3 focuses on implementing these solutions and enhancing them to meet the needs of our customers.  We have the depth of subject matter expertise to drive successful implementations and rollouts to business users.  We maintain a library of common enhancements to these solutions.  We also provide integration with our other R3 solutions and with external applications.

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Lohfeld WinCenter for Integrated Capture and Proposal Management

The GovCon industry has a well understood process and best practices for capture and proposal management. Now, with Lohfeld WinCenter© you can have a comprehensive, purpose-built, flexible solution for integrated capture and proposal management, running on Microsoft SharePoint.

For more information see Lohfeld WinCenter’s page.

CorasWorks IDIQ Task Order Management

Successful Federal Government Contractors are mastering the art and science of winning business through the rapidly growing IDIQ vehicle. The CorasWorks IDIQ Task Order Management solution provides a purpose-built, flexible solution that enables organizations to optimize the process of managing and responding to task orders to drive greater efficiency and effectiveness.

For more information see CorasWorks IDIQ’s page.