Fall 2017 R3 GovCon Suite - Product Spotlight

Task Order Factory – Cut through the Chaos and Confusion to Win More Business

R3 is proud to announce the newest addition to the R3 GovCon Suite Fall 2017—Task Order Factory. Task Order Factory is a business software solution for government contractors that hold IDIQ, GWAC, or MATOC contracts and are looking for a solution to organize, optimize, and simplify their work.

Task Order Factory addresses the main task order challenges we hear from our customers:

  1. I’m overwhelmed by the volume and timing of the task orders coming out
  2. I can’t focus on developing a winning proposal because I’m mired in details and distractions
  3. I’m missing valuable opportunities because I can’t get myself together in time to respond to all the task orders.

Task Order Factory helps you overcome these challenges and win more business by organizing, streamlining, and automating your task order proposal response work. It cuts through the chaos and confusion, reduces distractions, and keeps everyone focused on what’s important…submitting a winning task order proposal.

Specifically, Task Order Factory simplifies the way you track, respond, and report on task orders.

Track – Keep track of every task order that comes in. One of the key features of Tracking is our new Proposal Schedule View. This view shows you all the task orders in a Gantt view, along with key pieces of information, such as when each task order was released, when they’re due, and the dollar values.


It’s a simple and easy way to see all the task orders in the same place so you can set priorities and make resource determinations. Plus it’s a great view to share with management to keep them up to date.


Respond – Use our Task Order Record View to drive the work associated with your response. The Record View makes the user the focal point of the application by combining all the work and artifacts for the task order into a single, centralized view. See and add team members, work on documents, make assignments, schedule meetings, and track and update the status of everything. It significantly reduces the amount of time spent hopping around to different sites or apps to do the work. It allows the team to focus on preparing the proposal instead of chasing email, looking for files, bugging people, and worrying about where things are. Everything you need is in one place.

Task Order Factory Record View My Work


Report – Keep upper management informed. Our customers tell us they spend almost as much time preparing reports for management as they do actually working on task order proposals. Task Order Factory includes several out-of-the-box reports that are targeted to upper management and give them the information they need. And the reports are all real-time. Instead of spending time pulling data and information, and then formatting it in PowerPoint, Word, or Excel, send your boss a link to a real-time report. You can also easily pull reports on any data or document you have in the system, and customize the reports to ensure your bosses are getting exactly the information they need.


Task Order Factory runs on Microsoft SharePoint and gives you an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that significantly reduces the number of clicks and hopping around. Leverage SharePoint for security, permissions, and to store your data and documents, but give users a real application interface. Task Order Factory is also flexible and easy to configure to map to the way you do business. You define the application—not vice versa.

For more information, visit our Task Order Factory product page.

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