Task Order teaming partners

How to leverage teaming partners to win IDIQ Task Orders

Teaming Partners are just about a built-in asset for every Prime on IDIQ multi-award contracts. But not every Prime is truly committed to leveraging them to win business. Amongst our customers it varies. New Small Business Primes are almost always very committed. Their Teaming Partners are really a necessity to providing customer coverage and having […]

IDIQ Task Order Management Capabilities

Key capabilities of R3 IDIQ Task Order Management system

As a Prime contractor on IDIQ/GWAC multi-award contracts you have a powerful opportunity to drive and win business through Task Orders. To compete and win, you need operational efficiency and excellence that puts you at the top of the competitor stack. The R3 IDIQ Task Order Management system gets you there. It is an integrated […]

Using R3 to Optimize and Scale Your IDIQ business

Mid-Tier General Contractor Can Now Scale to Grow their AEC MATOC Task Order business

Winning Task Orders on IDIQs is challenging and competitive enough. But, it is extremely challenging and competitive in the construction industry. As a Prime General Contractor you have to work with a vast sea of construction subcontractors, locally based, to deliver bids that are won on lowest price technically acceptable terms. This article will describe […]

Top 5 IDIQ Task Order Management scenarios

Top 5 IDIQ Task Order Management business scenarios

As a Prime on IDIQs/GWACs/MATOCs you have a hunting license to win Task Orders. But, the business is competitive. And increasingly, you require a high level of operational efficiency in order to compete effectively, to win, and to scale. Over the last 5 years technology has changed. Task Order Management systems are now available and […]

do and learning

R3’s Solution for End-to-End IDIQ Program Management

IDIQ Program Management involves the management of the end-to-end process of Winning and Delivering business from an IDIQ contract, and, the management of the overall program.  There are two main types of situations, Multi-Award Contracts (MACs) where you compete with other Prime Contract awardees to win Task Orders, and, Single-Award Contracts (SACs) where you do […]