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Solutions for a Better GovCon Workplace.

Fall 2017 Release - R3 GovCon Suite

Fall 2017 Release -

R3 helps GovCon organizations achieve better results by improving their way of working. We accomplish this by providing a set of off-the-shelf, GovCon-specific business solutions built upon an open, flexible work management platform running on Microsoft SharePoint.

Meeting your needs today. Our solutions address the business-critical needs of GovCon organizations to Win and Deliver Federal business. And, they empower you to more easily Manage work across your GovCon workplace.

Towards a Workplace without Silos. Each R3 solution can stand-alone. But, they are pre-integrated to enable you to build out your GovCon workplace over time. R3 Solutions connect, enhance and extend each other and natively integrate with your existing SharePoint resources and applications. The result is that you can now have a work environment without the silos of information and functionality that are major barriers to productivity and organizational effectiveness.

Solutions of the R3 GovCon Suite

Each R3 solution addresses a specific challenge in the workplace of Federal Government Contractors. They are available separately. Yet, they are pre-integrated to work together to provide you with a workplace without silos and gaps.

WinCenter Capture & Proposal Management

The lifeblood of GovCon organizations is their ability to win Federal business. Silos of information and work, legacy tools, and manual work all compromise your ability to win. Now, with WinCenter, you can have an integrated system for capture and proposal management that eliminates information silos and handoffs and optimizes your way of winning business with government RFPs.

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Task Order Factory

Task Orders are becoming an increasing part of Federal Government Contractor business. The more you do, the greater the challenges in managing the volume, the spikes, changing teams of participants and the quick turnaround times. The R3 Task Order Factory™ has been specifically designed to help you optimize the work of Task Order proposal responses.

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Account Management

R3 Account Management serves as a centralized resource for customer account and contact information. It can be leveraged across your work environment and enables you to capture activity for accounts and contacts related to your work on programs, opportunities, proposals, projects, and contracts.

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Contract Management for GovCon

R3 Contract Management for GovCon is a practical, flexible, and affordable software solution designed specifically for small to mid-size Federal Government Contractors. It brings together the information and work to manage customer contracts and sub-contracts.. It enables you to gain greater control over your contracts, improve your productivity, and reduce your risk.

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GovCon Program Management

Program Management in GovCon organizations is challenging work because of the structured requirements of Federal contracting and the fact that contracts/programs are almost always different. R3 GovCon Program Management is a purpose-built solution that addresses the common core needs of managing programs/task orders/contracts but is designed to be unusually flexible and configurable to meet your organizational needs, portfolios of programs or the specific needs of a single program.

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My Work Business Process Applications

R3 My Work enables you to streamline your GovCon departmental and cross-organizational processes and make it easy and efficient for people to get their work done. You are able to define processes that are stand-alone or connect with other R3 Solutions or other SharePoint resources. They can be simple workflows or information-rich processes that provide users with the information and functionality they need from across your environment to get their work done.

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