R3 Solutions in the Cloud

All R3 solutions run on top of and within a Microsoft SharePoint environment. The majority of our customers run SharePoint “on-premises” at their location or on infrastructure at third-party hosting companies.
Some of our Government Contractor customers desire to use cloud-based infrastructures to run SharePoint and their R3 solutions. The two primary reasons are:

  • feelitThey don’t have SharePoint running in house and want to leverage cloud computing resources to reduce infrastructure costs and footprint
  • They require an “Extranet” scenario where they can engage with customers, partners, subcontractors and vendors outside of the corporate firewall.


Preferred Vendor: Amazon Web Services

Our preferred vendor in these situations is Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is worlds largest cloud computing services provider. It provides infrastructure on-demand. You pay monthly for what you use. You can very easily and quickly scale your infrastructure up and down upon demand. Your environment is self-contained; it is not shared, multi-tenant. This means that you have direct access to the environment and control and manage it. So, your information is secure and under your control.

Our solutions can run on any other cloud infrastructure that allows you to install third-party “managed code” into a SharePoint environment. The “managed code” that we install is the CorasWorks Application Platform.  This application platform is used to build all R3 solutions.

Using this application platform allows us to create multiple, advanced solutions without custom developed code within each solution. There is no compiled software code in any R3 solution.  The CorasWorks platform is the single compiled code base. This makes the SharePoint environment where you are working more secure and easier to support and manage.

Managed code such as CorasWorks can be installed and run within any SharePoint infrastructure that you manage and control. If you have a preference other than AWS, such as Microsoft Azure or Rackspace, we can deploy our solutions on that infrastructure.

Office 365 Not Supported for R3 Solutions

Microsoft’s Office 365 services does not support the installation of third-party managed code. Therefore, you cannot run R3 solutions on Office 365.  However, many customers use Office 365 for email that is integrated with their privately-managed SharePoint environment (on-premise, third-party hosting or via a cloud infrastructure provider such as AWS).  We support this deployment scenario.

R3 Cloud Services

We do not provide our solutions as a Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) offering fully managed by R3 at this time. You still own and control the environment that we use for our solutions.

We do assist customers with a set of services to support their cloud deployments as follows:

  • We will assist in the selection and architecture of the AWS service elements that meets your needs.
  • We can then setup your AWS environment and train your IT staff to use it or work with IT to get it set up and running.
  • We can also take care of the deployment and configuration of SharePoint and CorasWorks within this environment. We then deploy our solutions on top of this infrastructure.
  • We can deploy SharePoint, CorasWorks and our solutions within any infrastructure environment.
  • We also offer backup support for customers to support their cloud infrastructure.