Integration Services

R3 is often called upon to integrate its solutions with other systems and information.  We are able to accomplish this leveraging the core platform technology of CorasWorks on SharePoint.  This technology allows us to provide two-way integration with SharePoint-based systems and with external systems and applications without custom code development, and, to integrate them into the user experience of our solutions as if they were native features.

Here are some common scenarios for integration for our Federal Government Contractor customers:

  • Integrating multiple R3 solutions
  • Integrating R3 solutions with native SharePoint applications and information
  • Integrating R3 solutions with 3rd party solutions on SharePoint
  • Integrating across SharePoint farms
  • Integrating with external CRM systems such as Deltek CRM or IQ, Salesforce and Microsoft CRM
  • Integrating with external financial/ERP systems such as Deltek CostPoint, Peoplesoft, SAP and Workday
  • Integrating with just about any external system including SaaS based systems with web services or REST based API’s
  • Integrating with custom developed systems that use common databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, My SQL, Access