Implementation Services

R3 Business Solutions’ professional services team specializes in the implementation of R3 solutions and specific third party solutions for Federal Government Contractors.  Through our experience implementing these solutions we have developed standardized methodologies and supporting information and tools.  Our implementation team is highly skilled in the business subject matter as well as the technology of the solutions.

Our implementation team will help you get the solution up and running quickly, configured to support your best practice processes, and, empower you to use, maintain, and to change the solution.

Standard implementations follow a set of key steps:

Validation of SharePoint environment

All solutions are deployed on an existing SharePoint environment that you manage.  For your first solution, we work with you to understand your SharePoint environment and make recommendations based upon Microsoft best practices.

Installation of CorasWorks Application Platform

For each new customer not yet using CorasWorks, we will install and configure CorasWorks to meet the needs of R3 solutions.

Installation of the targeted R3/Partner Solution

Based upon the pre-sales requirements, we will implement the target solution on the new platform.  Once this is done we are able to configure and customize the solution without having to make changes to the underlying platform.

Configuration through Walkthroughs and Workouts

Each solution gets up and running quickly in its base configuration.  We use an agile iterative process for implementations.  Our agile process includes a set of work as follows:

  • We do a Walkthrough of using the solution following a Workout “script” and peel off the covers to determine configuration changes.
  • We then customize the solution on our own or in joint sessions.
  • We then have your users use the solution following the Workout script to determine if it meets their needs.


Through our configuration process your core team learns the solution.  We then complement this experience with structured training for the Solution Administrator, Business Users and Power Users (those people that are empowered to change and customize the solution on their own).

Rollout and Finishing

A successful solution has an effective rollout with the appropriate finishing touches.  We often augment a solution rollout with short videos of the finished solutions for particular user groups.  We then finish the solution with updates to Technical Documentation that reflects your changes during the implementation process.

Depending on the solution and customer requirements, we often provide additional services including solution enhancements, migration support, and integration.