Feature Highlights

We continue to add more specific, feature-based content for our products – Here’s some content that shines a light on a few of those key features.

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The R3 Record View – Making Your Work Simpler
The Fall 2017 release of the GovCon Suite is focused on making work simpler. The biggest innovation in this release Read more.
Fall 2017 Release – What’s New
For the Fall 2017 release we asked our customers two primary questions “How could we make your everyday tasks simpler?” and Read more.
Eliminate productivity gaps with Salesforce–SharePoint Connector
Over the last 10 years both Salesforce and SharePoint have grown to dominate their respective markets. Salesforce is the premier Read more.
Who’s got the ball? Getting control over proposal development work.
It’s a fundamental question in proposal development. Every document or section in a proposal goes through a lifecycle of being Read more.
Three Ways to Get Your Task Order Proposal Response Work Done
Winning Task Orders on IDIQ/GWAC vehicles is challenging work. The greatest time, effort, and risk is in putting together the proposal Read more.
Top 5 IDIQ Task Order Management business scenarios
As a Prime on IDIQs/GWACs/MATOCs you have a hunting license to win Task Orders. But, the business is competitive. And Read more.
Different approaches to calculating and using Pwin
All of our Federal Government Contractor customers use Pwin (Probability of Win) in their opportunity capture processes.  Pwin is the probability Read more.
Improve organizational productivity by eliminating silo’d work
This month we released the R3 Contract Management solution. We now have a set of 8 solutions for GovCon organizations. Read more.
Effective Workflows for Contract Management Depend on Good Information
Contract and subcontract management work in GovCon organizations involves a number of important processes requiring participation by people across the Read more.
R3 Solutions’ Flex Factor – Having it your way
It’s a lot easier when your software does the flexing… With the release of R3’s Program Management for GovCon solution Read more.
Using WinCenter to Enhance Your Existing SharePoint Proposal Management System
Lohfeld WinCenter is an integrated capture and proposal management system for Government Contractors.  It brings both capture and proposal work Read more.
Agile Proposal Management – Translating theory into actionable software
Over the last couple of months there has been a robust discussion amongst GovCon proposal management practioners about applying Agile Read more.