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Learn about cross-organizational business processes that break down silos and streamline work.

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Automating the Bid & Proposal Budget Request Process Using R3 My Work
In this article, we will review how a customer has leveraged R3 My Work to automate their Bid & Proposal Read more.
Gate Review Business Process Application
One of the R3 Business Process Applications (BPAs) recently released is Gate Review. This BPA makes it very easy to Read more.
My Work Business Process Applications for GovCon
With the release of the R3 GovCon Suite – Summer 2015 edition, R3 has released a set of off-the-shelf Business Read more.
Improve organizational productivity by eliminating silo’d work
This month we released the R3 Contract Management solution. We now have a set of 8 solutions for GovCon organizations. Read more.
Effective Workflows for Contract Management Depend on Good Information
Contract and subcontract management work in GovCon organizations involves a number of important processes requiring participation by people across the Read more.
Streamlining cross-organizational processes for GovCon Program Management
R3 Program Management enables you to manage the soft work of GovCon Program Management.  There are many activities that program Read more.
Using My Work to automate business processes for WinCenter
WinCenter drives the full business development life cycle.  It provides work management for capture and proposal activities.  It is the Read more.
What GovCon processes do you want to automate?
My Work enables you to automate departmental and cross-organizational processes.  The graphic below tells the story for GovCon organizations. Typically, Read more.
My Work v2 is Released – Business Process Enablement for SharePoint
Our GovCon customers have lots of processes.  Now, with My Work v2 they have a way to easily automate departmental Read more.
Preview of My Work v2 with Business Process Enablement
My Work v1 gives your users a central place to go to get work done across a SharePoint-based work environment.  Read more.