R3 IDIQ Task Order Management 

Get a competitive edge and win more Task Orders.

As a Prime contractor on IDIQ/GWAC multi-award contracts you have a powerful opportunity to drive and win business through Task Orders. To compete effectively, you need operational excellence to manage the volume, simplify the complexity, eliminate the cost and time of manual work, and produce quality responses. 

R3's IDIQ Task Order Management software gives you a competitive edge. It is a complete, integrated system with everything you need to optimize the work of driving Task Orders on multiple IDIQ/GWAC vehicles. With process-specific capabilities such as Partner Surveys and optimization of Proposal Responses, customers are able to reduce their level of effort, cycle time and costs by more than 30% over traditional methods. And, its unique flexibility empowers you to optimize the way you work on each vehicle.


Complete System to Win Task Orders

To compete, you need to do it all. To win, you need to do it better.

Drill down into the 7 core capabilities of the R3 Task Order system. Learn how each of these critical capabilities enhances your ability to compete and win Task Orders.

R3 IDIQ Task Order Management System - Winter 2016



Watch On-Demand, Day-In-The-Life Demonstration

Watch this video to see how we streamline and automate the work of winning Task Orders. We'll give you a brief overview of the challenges and our solution and then walk you through a live "day-in-the-life" demonstration.


Featured Customer Success Stories

R3 is enabling companies to compete and win in different ways. Each has a story. It differs based upon where they are in the size and scope of their Task Order business and their operational maturity. And, it depends on their strategy and what they determine will be their competitive advantage to win. 

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New Small Business IDIQ Prime Uses R3 System to Get the Jump on Competition
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Featured IDIQ Articles

Learn more about winning Task Orders on IDIQ/GWAC multi-award contracts with these featured articles. For a full listing of articles, visit the IDIQ Task Order Management section of R3 Resources. You'll find articles on best practices, our solution, ways to win, and customer success stories.

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Solution Overview

How our solution drives your competitive advantage.


Complete system for managing task orders

A complete system means that each of the core capabilities you need to get the work done to win Task Orders is built in, tightly integrated and automated.

  • It covers the complete process of winning Task Orders from Task Order intake, to working with internal teams and partners, to the proposal response and leveraging reusable assets.
  • It streamlines and automates the work.
  • It provides you with the flexibility to optimize your work for each IDIQ vehicle.
  • It provides you with top down visibility of the work across a portfolio of vehicles and Task Orders.
Flexible system to support you wherever you are in your Task Order business
  • A brand new Small Business IDIQ Prime that needs to get up and running and drive your team to success
  • A mid-tier company with a portfolio of IDIQ vehicles wanting to be more competitive with larger organizations and grow your Task Order business
  • A Business Group in a large GovCon organization that wants to handle all of the work on their own.
  • A GovCon organization that needs to replace their legacy, custom built system with a modern, better system.
idiq_3Turning Your Process into a Task Order Factory

With task orders time is short. Our system streamlines and automates the work throughout the Task Order process. It drives the process of surveying teaming partners and business groups, making bid decisions, getting proposal responses done, and, tracking the in process activity and results. It transforms a lot of activity into a streamlined, manageable process that puts out a quality result.

Leveraging Teaming Partners to Win

Your teaming partners can be a great asset in your ability to win - if you are able to efficiently leverage them across the Task Order lifecycle. We provide a secure, interactive Portal to do just that. You engage them to organize coverage and capture activities, to survey them on Task Orders, to work on proposal responses and transition to post-award delivery. Your partners, properly managed, give you the capacity to compete.

Group workMaking it Easier to Create More and Better Quality Proposal Responses

Being efficient with proposal responses is key to Task Order success. Each task order has a secure workspace where subject matter experts, proposal managers and partners can work together. It is fine-tuned, supporting co-authoring, inline commenting and collaboration, ad hoc iterative reviews and color reviews. It empowers you to leverage central proposal assets and do it very conveniently. And, it drives good output back into the system to continually improve the result.

Visibility with powerful reporting and analytics idiq visibility

Great reporting starts with less manual data entry. The system enters a lot of data for the users based upon activity. So you start with better more complete information. From there, you have a rich set of business configurable reports at your fingertips about individual Task Orders, each Vehicle and across the whole portfolio of IDIQs, GWACS, and MACs. You also have Advanced Reporting enabling you to design custom reports for your own way of looking at the information.

idiq_6Flexibility to Drive Your Unique Competitive Advantage

Ever organization is different - where you are in your Task Order maturity, your scope, how you work, how you plan to compete and what your special sauce is. The industry leading flexibility of the solution enables the system to accommodate those uniquenesses that drive your competitive advantage. The result is that you are no longer limited by your software.

The right platform approach

The R3 IDIQ Task Order Management system leverages industry platform standards. It runs on and within a Microsoft SharePoint environment. All data and documents are stored in one place, in this industry leading content management system. You can deploy it on-premise behind your firewall or in a secure, private cloud at Amazon Web Services. And, it leverages the CorasWorks Application Platform to provide you with unique flexibility that empowers you to change, enhance and extend the solution to optimize your competitive advantage.