Gate Reviews

Gate Review Business Process Application

One of the R3 Business Process Applications (BPAs) recently released is Gate Review. This BPA makes it very easy to prepare for and conduct Gate Reviews for capture and proposal management in Federal Government Contractors (GovCon). Decision Gate Reviews are the way that you drive opportunities from Phase to Phase in the GovCon Business Development Lifecycle. They are when you make your investment decisions.

Typically, they can be cumbersome processes with a lot of manual work. This BPA makes it much simpler, efficient and collaborative.

The application works as follows:

  • People prepare documents and information for Gate Reviews. They may be working in R3 WinCenter, R3 IDIQ Task Order Management or native SharePoint proposal sites.
  • They initiate a Gate Review by filling out a form. The Gate Review is tied to the opportunity site containing relevant information.
  • The Gate Review appears on the Master Calendar of Gate Reviews.
  • Users then access the Record View for the Gate Review. The relevant information appears in the record view. Users can work with the information, comment, send for additional reviews, or even add information. They then make Gate Review comments and/or approvals.
  • The Gate Review can go through a number of pre-defined workflow stages of review and approval.
  • The Gate Review record view becomes a persistent record of what was presented, the activity during the process and the result.
  • Reporting allows people visibility into Gate Reviews in process and the results.

The Gate Review BPA uses the R3 My Work process framework and thus it is configurable to meet the unique process of your organization.

For more information about the Gate Review BPA and other My Work BPA’s for GovCon see the My Work product page.

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