R3 My Work™ Business Processes

Add-on business process applications to enhance your GovCon workplace.

GovCon organizations need every competitive edge they can get. Automating manual business processes that rely on email, phone, spreadsheets, and, scattered information resources is a straight forward way to improve the results of your business.

R3 can get you where you need to be faster and at less cost.

  • Our My Work Business Processes solution gives you the framework for rich, robust, collaborative cross-organizational processes that leverage information across your SharePoint environment.
  • And, you can get started quickly by using our off-the-shelf Business Process Applications (BPA’s) specifically designed for GovCon needs. Just drop them in, hook them up and start improving your results.
Sample GovCon Processes

  • Gate Reviews
  • Bid & Proposal Budget Requests
  • New Contract Initiation
  • Contract Modifications
  • Bid/No-Bid Decisions
  • Post-Award Contract Onramp
  • Subcontractor NDA, Teaming Agreements, SOWs
  • Organizational Conflict of Interest Checks
  • Invoice Approvals
  • Program Reviews

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See My Work Business Processes in Action

See how much easier and richer your business processes can be. In this demonstration video, we walk you through My Work and show you a couple of business processes in action.



My Work Process Record Views

Bringing it all Together

Process Record Views are at the heart of all My Work business process applications. They are where the work gets done. They put information at the fingertips of users from across your SharePoint environment. They provide the actions that people use to get work done. They are the means to collaborate and see all activity about an item in process.

View this short video of a Record View for a Contract process.

Get Started with My Work BPA’s for GovCon

Get started quickly with these off-the-shelf Business Process Applications (BPA’s) that are specifically designed for GovCon organizations.


"My Work makes work so easy, I've even gotten my curmudgeons to use it and like it. And that is no easy thing to do."

Director of Business Development Operations, Government Contractor


My Work Console - click to see full image.

Gate Reviews

Structured Gate Reviews are a standard best practice for making decisions about what opportunities to pursue and for managing the life cycle. Manual processes require a lot of work to prepare information and get it to users when and where it is needed, track review results and provide historical context. This BPA does this work for you. It gives you a central place for reviews and brings the information to you from across your environment. It allows you to collaborate, track decisions and drive follow-up activity.

Benefits Realized

  • Easier to schedule and conduct Gate Reviews
  • Greater visibility and consistency in how decisions are made
  • Better decisions with all information put at your fingertips
  • Reduce preparation time, no duplication of information, no email chaos
  • Provide historical context and reference for decision review

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Bid & Proposal Budget Request Management

Managing B&P funds is a necessary part of winning business in GovCon. How these funding decisions get made is often hidden from view. Getting a comprehensive view of where you are requires a lot of manual work. This BPA streamlines the process and keeps all of the results in order. You have all of the information you need for each request including information about the opportunity and previous requests.

Benefits Realized

  • Insure that all B&P money is approved through a consistent, visible process
  • Better decision making through visibility and having all of the information at your fingertips
  • Streamline the B&P request process including post-approval system updates
  • Get real-time, comprehensive reports of B&P Approvals and budget status

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New Contract Initiation

GovCon organizations need to manage Government contracts, vendor contracts and subcontractor contracts. Getting new contracts done involves multiple people working together in a process involving multiple documents, collaboration, and in-process work. This BPA brings it all together. Required information is put at your fingertips. Participants are able to collaborate, contribute and take action within the process. All of your information is stored in the right place – by the system.

Benefits Realized

  • Get visibility and consistency across new contract processes
  • Make better decisions based upon all required information being available to users
  • Eliminate contracts from falling through the cracks or slipping through un-noticed
  • Eliminate information duplication and email chaos
  • Make it easier for participants to see, contribute and act on contract documents
  • Insure that contract documents are securely stored in the right place


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Contract Modification

Contract modifications are a fact of life in GovCon. Getting them properly negotiated, approved and implemented so that all necessary people and systems are updated is a challenge. With this BPA, the process is streamlined and made more robust. Contract modifications are individually tracked and participants have access to all of the contract information to provide the correct context they need to get their work done. Participants can collaborate and share information in-process.

Benefits Realized

  • Insure that modifications are processed through all parts of the organization
  • Make it easy for people to see modifications in the context of the original contract and supporting information
  • Insure that the impact of contract modifications is reflected in systems and that people know about it
  • Enable you to centrally track contract modifications and securely store documents

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Subcontractor Contract Requests

Working with subcontractors is a key part of winning and delivering GovCon business. It is challenging to manage the contracts and supporting information. Organizations run the risk of things falling through the cracks. This BPA gives you the ability to track your subcontractor contract requests and activity. Use it for NDA’s, Teaming Agreements, Statements of Work and supporting subcontractor activity and information.

Benefits Realized

  • Streamline the process of subcontractor contract requests
  • Insure that required subcontractor contracts, documents and activity don’t fall through the cracks and are securely stored and accessible when needed
  • Automate the work of participants in the process
  • Get visibility into subcontractors, their status, contracts and activity

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Invoice Approval

Invoice processes in GovCon organizations can be quite involved. You need approval processes for invoicing Government customers and for reviewing and approving subcontractor invoices. Having the right information at your fingertips to get the work done is time consuming and error prone. With this BPA, the necessary information is made available to users as part of the process. The work gets done right the first time and things don’t fall through the cracks or get missed.

Benefits Realized

  • Insures that all invoices (customer or subcontractor) get processed
  • Increases productivity by bringing contract and other relevant information to users
  • Automates the process work to drive consistency and efficiency
  • Real-time reporting keep you aware of where things stand

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Have it Your Way: Customize, Enhance, Extend

R3 My Work BPA’s make it painless to get started quickly. They are very customizable using our built in process definition and configuration wizards. You can:

  • Easily modify the process workflow, roles, people, and transitions
  • Connect the process record views to different information resources unique to your environment
  • Enhance them to provide additional information and provide users with unique actions to automate their in-process work and drive consistency
  • Extend them to integrate with other systems and make process information available wherever users work across your SharePoint environment.

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Create Your Own GovCon Processes

Our BPA’s are just the start of what you can do with My Work. You can create your own processes leveraging the rich My Work framework and its easy-to-use configuration wizards.

Some examples of custom processes are:

  • Organizational Conflict of Interest Checks conforming to your organizational structure
  • Handoffs such as BD-to-Proposal Management or Proposal Management-to-Program Management
  • Custom post-award Contract Onramp processes to make sure that newly won programs/contracts get off to the right start
  • Conducting Program Reviews or approvals of various types of customer contract deliverables
  • Handling incoming customer Work Requests for a single award contract.

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Seeing is believing:

  • See My Work in action with processes of your choice
  • See how work is made much easier for users
  • See how easy it is to create, modify and enhance your information-rich business processes