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Mid-sized Association Greatly Advances Contract Management with R3

A 200 person professional association wanted to improve their contract management capabilities. Their contracts were primarily in hard-copy versions. They wanted to get their contracts online, provide a contract management system for managing the contracts, and, open up the contracts to the rest of the organization so that it became a cross-organizational resource.

This was a big change in this one business process. It was part of a larger initiative driven by the CIO to provide the organization with online information and business processes. The organization wanted to move to Microsoft SharePoint as a base platform. Through an RFP process they reviewed vendors to support the need for Contract Management and for other processes.

The Solution

In their RFP process they reviewed proprietary, SAAS-based contract management solutions, custom development options, and SharePoint-based workflow solutions. They also looked at R3’s Contract Management solution. They decided on R3’s solution due three factors: 1) the Contract Management solution and process were off-the-shelf and ran on SharePoint, 2) the R3 solution uses a framework called My Work that enables them to create additional business process applications, and 3) the R3 solution was the lowest price with the quickest implementation turnaround.

The Implementation

For this customer, R3 brought up a new SharePoint 2013 environment in an on premises environment. The R3 solution was the first for this environment.

R3 implemented the R3 Contract Management solution. This is a two part solution including a back office for the Contract/Legal Staff and a front-office component used by people across the organization to participate in contracting processes and access information in real time.

The off-the-shelf solution and process workflow were implemented and then modified to the required processes of the organization. More than 200 existing contracts were scanned and loaded into the system. This included the documents and the contract metadata. The system went online within the time frame and the budget allocated with 200 existing contracts.

The My Work front office allows people across the organization to instantly access ongoing contract information. In addition, business users can initiate new contracts and participate in the contracting process through their My Work console.

Moving Forward

The Contract Management system is in place. And, users across the organization can now participate in the process via the My Work console. The organization is now planning to add additional processes for other departments. The benefit of the My Work approach is that the users will continue to work in the same My Work Console as new processes are added.

To learn more, visit the R3 Contract Management product page.

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