Subcontractor Administration

R3 Subcontractor Administration for GovCon

Subcontractor Record View

Subcontractor 360 View (Click to enlarge)

Subcontractors are critical to GovCon organizations for winning and delivering business. They are assets. The better you manage them, the more value you add.

Now, with R3 Subcontractor Administration you can more easily stay on top of the work and leverage subcontractors to get ahead of your competition.  Our solution just drops into your SharePoint environment.  You can start to centrally manage subcontractor organization information and contacts and put it at the fingertips of users.  You can funnel requests about subcontractors into a pipeline that can be tracked, managed and reported on.  You can manage the documents, the reviews and the flow.  You can put the right information and functionality at the fingertips of users, wherever they work across a SharePoint environment.


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Solution Drilldown

Manage Subcontractors and Contacts

R3 Subcontractor Administration starts with providing you with the means to centrally manage core subcontractor information and information about your subcontractor contacts.  It is a snap for users to search the system to find teaming partners and contacts.  It supports manual entry, updates and imports from external systems such as GovWin IQ.  Critically, this information can be made available to users wherever they work across your SharePoint environment.

Funnel Requests into a Manageable Pipeline

Subcontractor administrators get requests from all over and usually come in via email.  Now, you can make is easy for users to enter requests and interact with you.  The requests get funneled into your request pipeline and can then be tracked and managed.  Above we show the My Requests display where users can enter requests and track the progress.

Manage the Work on Requests

You can now have full visibility and control over requests so that nothing falls through the cracks.  Requests can be tracked, managed and reported on.  With R3’s work automation, common tasks like updating requestors are automated.  And, it is easy to create your own actions using our action wizard.

Due Date Calendar - See and Manage Work Allocation

A nice feature of the solution is our Due Date calendar shown here – just one way that work is more visible and manageable.  Here you can see all of the requests based upon the requestors “target” due date.  Each request is color coded by the person assigned to complete it.  Visually, you can see where you might run into trouble.  It includes category tagging to also visually identify the type of request (the small rectangular color block). And, it is easily configured by you to meet your needs.

Manage Documents and Document Review Process

The work with subcontractors often centers on documents: NDA’s, Teaming Agreement, SOWs, Modifications, etc.  The solution allows you to manage the documents related to each request.  It automates the review cycle with workflow that drives users back into the system to work with the document online.  Above we show Documents by Request that allows you to easily locate a request and see all of the associated documents.

Configurable Reports

You’ll want reports about your subcontractors and about your request process.  Subcontractor Administration comes with 3 types of reports that are all configurable.  Tabular reports allow you to slice and dice the information in a tabular display and print and export the data to Excel, PDF, Word and CSV files.  Pivot Charts allow you to create graphical reports on multiple pivots.  Drilldown reposts as shown here allow you to graphically display information where you can drill down into the details.

Make Subcontractor Information Available Wherever People Work

This solution is a silo-breaker.  It is designed to integrate with other SharePoint applications and resources.  The Solution has Snaplets which are web parts that can be distributed to any site across a SharePoint environment to put features at the fingertips of users when and where they need it.  For instance, above we show the Browse Subcontractors Snaplet that has been made a part of Opportunity sites of WinCenter.  Now, when working on an opportunity, users can search Subcontractors and find Contacts - without having to go anywhere.