R3 Contract Management for GovCon

Designed to meet the specific needs of GovCon contract management.

R3 Contract Management for GovCon is a practical, flexible, and affordable software solution designed specifically for small to mid-size Federal Government Contractors. It runs on top of Microsoft SharePoint and makes it easy to find, manage, and update your contracts and all the data and documents associated with them.  Gain greater control over your contracts, improve your productivity, and reduce your risk.

Work better together.

Basics you need

  • One centralized contract repository
  • Document and data management in one
  • Ability to manage customer, subcontractor, and vendor contracts
  • Contract-specific views that bring information to user
  • Workflows, notifications, and alerts
  • Audit history and reporting

Specific GovCon Features

  • Government Prime Contract Record View - contract data and document in one view
  • Related Contract Modifications
  • Related Subcontractors and Subcontracts
  • Track FAR and DFAR clauses and CLINS
  • Track Contract Deliverables and Manage Deliverable Action Items

Our Solution

  • Designed specifically for GovCon
  • Practical, easy to use, and affordable
  • Flexible and configurable
  • Secure with role-based, controlled access
  • Running on Microsoft SharePoint
  • On premise or in a private cloud

Watch Introductory Video

Learn about R3 Contract Management. This video covers unique needs of Contract Management for Federal Government Contractors and walks you through key features of the R3 solution that meet those needs.

Gain Greater Control Over Your Contracts

Don’t waste another minute searching your hard drive or email for the right documents, or worrying whether you have the most recent versions. Gain greater control over your contracts by storing your contracts and all the related data and documents in a secure, centralized contract repository.

  • Establish your own contract structure/hierarchy
  • Define what data you want to collect
  • Full document management capabilities (check-in/check-out, versioning, etc.)
  • Role-based security so you only see what you have access to

Improve Productivity

The contract repository by itself significantly improves productivity. But when you add the R3 Contract Record to the mix you’ll see productivity soar. The Contract Record is unique to the R3 solution and consolidates all the data and documents related to a single contract into one view.

  • Complete, consolidated view of each contract - a virtual, interactive folder
  • Includes contract data, documents, contract modifications, subcontracts, history, relationships to other contracts, and more
  • Take action on any of the data and information from the view
  • Collaborative commenting and action audit history

Reduce Risk

One of the worst things that can happen in contract management is to miss a renewal date, deliverable, or compliance milestone. You can’t afford—literally—to let things slip through the cracks. Our solution helps reduce your risk by providing visibility and accountability into all key dates, deliverables, and other milestones.

  • Calendar and custom views/reports of key dates and milestones
  • Automatic alerts and notifications
  • Assignment of specific tasks and activities
  • Audit trail

Tabular Reports

Contract Management Processes

Drive Success

At the end of the day, you need a solution that makes you successful. One that supports the way you work, maps to your processes, captures the data and documents you need, and supports the contracts team and all others who may be involved. Our solution delivers the flexibility you need to be successful.

  • Configure the solution based on your organization, terminology, and best practices
  • Define workflows and process that map to your current workflows and processes
  • Customize the fields, forms, and screens to capture the data and documents you want
  • Affordable pricing to support use across the organization…not just the contracts team


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