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GovCon organizations need every competitive edge they can get. Automating manual business processes that rely on email, phone, spreadsheets, and, scattered information resources is a straight forward way to improve your business.

R3 My Work is a comprehensive solution running on Microsoft SharePoint to enable you to automate your departmental and cross-organizational processes. It gives you everything that you’ll need - new request forms, in process forms and actions, rich in process user experience, workflows and notifications, data integration and reporting and analytics. You can create simple or complex processes. They can be stand-alone processes with their own data. Or, you can process enable existing SharePoint-based applications and resources and integrate your process with external systems and information.

My Work is designed to put the end user first. It provides them with a single, consistent user interface across processes. It puts the information they need to get their work done at their fingertips from across your environment. It provides them with visibility across all stages of the process.

With My Work, you can now easily and cost-effectively automate your GovCon business processes and make it more convenient for your people to get their work done.

Solution Highlights   |   Sample Processes

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My Work Solution Highlights
  • One solution to automate many simple and complex processes
  • Runs on Microsoft SharePoint, any edition (Foundation, Server, Enterprise), and natively integrates with any SharePoint data and applications
  • Consistent user interface reduces learning curve and makes it easy to introduce new processes
  • Easy to define and create your processes - wizard driven, no coding required
  • Processes can be stand-alone with their own data and reporting
  • Process-enable existing SharePoint based applications and resources and connect to external data and systems
  • Information is put at the fingertips of users in-process from across environment through configurable record views
  • Configurable and reusable forms, workflows, notifications, user actions and triggers
  • Rich process activity audit logging and commenting
  • Configurable reporting and analytics
My Work in Action video
Overview and demonstration of My Work in Action. - Runtime: 9:50
Power of Record Views
See how Record Views enhance the effectiveness of a contract approval process - Runtime: 2:39

Sample GovCon Business Processes
  • Bid & Proposal Budget Requests
  • Partner NDA Requests
  • Teaming Agreements
  • New Contract Setup
  • Contract Modifications
  • Bid/No Bid Decisions
  • Gate Decisions
  • CDRL Deliverable Approvals
  • Organizational Conflict of Interest Checks
  • Vendor Contract Approval
  • HR Recruiting Requests
GovCon Bid & Proposal Budget Request Process video

See how we automate the Bid & Proposal Budget Request Process of Government Contractors.  This video provides an overview of the process and a live demonstration of the process in action.

Runtime: 16:26