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R3 Contract Management

R3 Contract Management

How much of your business relies on contracts? Consider all contract work - buy-side, sell-side, non-financial agreements and work requiring access to contract information. As technology has made contracts more accessible and visible, businesses are learning to improve their processes to drive greater revenue, reduce costs, and proactively manage risk and compliance.

R3 Contract Management is a flexible solution to manage the contracts and to support the processes that drive contracts and leverage them by users across the organization. Unlike monolithic contract systems that constrain your way of working, we provide a flexible two-tier solution. You get a Back Office for the Contract department and a flexible Front Office enabling you to define processes that best meet the needs of your organization and the specific contract situation.

In your Back Office, you are able to tightly manage all contracts in a single content repository based upon the industry leading Microsoft SharePoint content management system. You can track and drive contract initiation, manage contract performance, and, provide access and visibility through robust reporting. It is fully configurable to meet your specific needs using our built-in configuration wizards.

Your Front Office, allows you to define processes that meet specific contract needs from simple to complex requests and processes such as invoice approval that benefit by access to contract information. Users are able to see all contract processes they are involved in through a single work console. Going beyond simple workflows, you can create information-rich processes that allow users to work with “packages” of documents, access related information, and perform all types of actions to get their work done as part of the process.

With R3 Contract Management you get the best of both worlds: a centrally managed Back Office for contracts and the flexibility of cross-organization processes in the Front Office that are optimized for the situation.


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Solution Highlights
  • Central repository for all contracts and supporting documents
  • Visibility and access to contract information by users working from anywhere in your SharePoint environment
  • Ability to define your own contract processes and workflows for new contracts, modifications, renewals, amendments that optimize the work
  • Full support for contract initiation activities – request, author, review, approve, execute
  • Contract performance management to closely manage contracts, renewals, obligations
  • Configurable alerts and notifications
  • Information-rich processes supporting contract “packages” and supporting information and in-process user actions
  • Configurable reporting and analytics

Demonstration: Rich front-office processes

R3 contract processes are rich process applications. Participants work in the R3 Contract Record View that brings them all of the information they need and provides them with rich functionality to get the work done. See an example of a Contract Approval Process record view in action in this short demonstration.

Runtime: 3 minutes

Deployment Options: Have it Your Way

R3 Contract Management is a very flexible solution. It starts with deployment options to address your situation.

  • Using SharePoint and need a full system: You can deploy the full solution including the Back Office and Front Office.
  • Using SharePoint for existing contract documents: You can deploy the Front-Office, hook it up to your existing contract repository, and create information-rich processes that drive contract work across the organization.
  • Don’t yet have SharePoint: R3 can set you up with an on-premises environment or in a hosted cloud service (such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure) that you manage and control. Then, we’ll drop in the R3 Contract Management solution.

That is where it starts. R3 Contract Management is built on our work management platform that enables you to customize, enhance and extend the solution to meet your ongoing needs using our build in Design Canvas and Configuration Wizards. This means that you can have it your way without programming.