Manage Solutions


While Winning and Delivering are the critical path of your business, it is becoming increasingly important to be more effective and efficient in managing the supporting activities of your business.  These activities, often corporate or departmental, can be overwhelmed with email and update requests, become bottlenecks and expose your organization to downstream risks and missed opportunities.

Unfortunately, since they are not in the critical path they typically don’t get the focus, attention and resources of more high profile activities.  R3 addresses this situation by providing you with off-the-shelf solutions to Manage these activities.  They are inexpensive to buy and implement and leverage your investment in the CorasWorks on SharePoint platform which makes it practical to address these activities.

Each of these solutions are also designed to integrate with other R3 Win and Deliver solutions to enable users to participate in your processes from wherever they normally work.  This convenience helps to drive user adoption across the organization and the effectiveness of the solutions for the Corporate/Departmental manager.

My Work Business Processes for GovCon

Business teamwork, internet and communication conceptMake it easier for people to get work done. My Work is a work console designed specifically for GovCon work. Resources and business tasks from across your SharePoint work environment can be put at the fingertips of users. From one place they can see, contribute, act and collaborate. Information is no longer locked in silos or invisible to users. People don’t have to go somewhere to work or access information. My Work is the place to go to get things done.

Subcontractor Administration

Subcontractor administrators are besieged by requests from all corners of the organization.  They need to handle NDAs, teaming agreements, SOWs and the day to day ebb and flow of supporting and managing subcontractors.  This solution funnels these requests into a centralized application that enables managers and users to better manage the work.  Importantly, requests can be made and tracked by users from wherever they work such as from a WinCenter proposal site, an IDIQ Task Order site or a Program Workspace – or all of them.

Account Management

Now, you can bring Account and Contact management to your SharePoint environment. Centrally manage accounts and contacts. Put the information at the fingertips of users across your environment. Log contact activity and get visibility into activity from different angles. Track the influence of contacts on accounts and opportunities. It is now easy to keep everyone on the same page with up to the date information.