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Growing GovCon Firm Leverages R3 to Operationalize Contract & Program Management

Contract growth is great. Successful small business Federal Government Contractors follow growth of contract wins with improvements in how they manage their post-award operations of contract management and program management. This articles describes the situation of one small and growing GovCon firm and why they choose R3 solutions to operationalize their contract and program management work.

The Challenge

This small Federal Government Contractor had been growing rapidly for a few years. They had just passed 140 employees.  They were consistently winning new business. They were now feeling pressure on their post-award operations. They did have processes – on paper. And, they had best practices. But, they did not have any formal collaborative systems for managing contract work or managing the program delivery of the contracts.  So, the work was driven, done, managed and reported on manually.

They had hit a point where management felt that they were at risk of things falling through the cracks. They knew that the manual way of working was unproductive. And, they knew that it would be risky and costly to keep growing the business given where they were. It was time to add formal systems that would allow them to operationalize the contract work and the program work.

Driven by the Chief Operating Officer, they began by looking for a contract management system. They wanted a central repository to bring together the contract information that was spread out into many places. They needed to manage their Federal customer contracts and their related subcontractors and subcontracts. And, they needed to streamline and automate their contract processes. They also needed the system to support the specific needs of Federal Government Contractors such as managing CLINs, FAR/DFAR details and Contract Modifications.

In addition, they were looking for a system that would enable them to manage GovCon Program Management. They needed to be able to manage the soft work of program management that is unique to government contractors. This includes work such as capturing and sharing program information, managing contract deliverables, status updates, driving action items, and, tracking and managing program performance.

They had two department heads for Contracts and for Program Management that would each control their systems and the work. These systems would need to provide the structure for the information and work. And, they would need to be able to streamline and automate the work processes. And, they wanted them to be able to be integrated – a seamless work environment.

The Solution

They evaluated multiple contract management systems. But, most were designed to support organizations that sold to commercial organizations. They also researched program management systems but these were really project management systems that were task oriented. They weren’t designed for the soft work of GovCon program management. Finding a workable fit was not easy.

They eventually found R3 and its GovCon Suite. The Suite consists of a set of work management solutions built to meet the specific needs of Federal Government Contractors. R3 has solutions for winning Federal contracts, managing the contracts, and delivering the contracts. This customer was focused on the post-award work. The solution consisted of these two solutions: R3 Contract Management for GovCon and R3 Program Management for GovCon. They are effectively “two sides of the same coin” and designed to work together to manage the post-award work.

The Contract Management solution is where you manage contract work. It provides a central repository for all contract data. This includes customer contracts and subcontracts. It includes the core data and documents and all of the standard related GovCon information. It also drives all of the processes and workflows for contract management.

The Program Management solution is the flip side. For each contract there is a managed program. Each program has its own workspace. The information is there. You set up and manage the formal Contract Deliverables. You manage the internal Actions Items and Status Updates. You can also organize and manage various Performance items that can vary from program to program.

These two solutions work together. For instance, you can be in Contract Management and see all of the contract deliverables that are in process across all of the programs. Or, you can be in Program Management and see all of the Contract Modifications or initiate changes or subcontract actions.

Getting to the Next Level

This customer deployed the R3 solutions in a private cloud that they controlled on Amazon Web Services. The R3 solutions run on and within a Microsoft SharePoint environment. So, their information is part of a single system. The R3 solutions each have their own separate interfaces controlled by the department owners. Yet, they are integrated. So, they operate like two sides of the same coin.

While each solution captures information, the key value proposition is their ability to streamline and automate the work that is done in contracts and programs. The system drives the processes and handles the notifications, status updates and real-time reporting. You are able to see the work that is being done across contracts or programs. Given that these solutions are designed for Federal Government Contractors, they are predesigned to support specific work processes. This allows GovCon organizations to easily and cost effectively adopt the solutions and get productive more quickly.

However, every organization has its special way of working. To support this reality, the R3 solutions are very flexible and have built in configuration wizards to allow organizations to modify the processes and feature set. This is used to modify the solutions when first deployed to meet the way that the customer wants to work. But, in addition, the customer is trained so that they can modify the solutions and even enhance them to meet ongoing needs.

Now, supported by the R3 contract and program management solutions, this organization is prepared to operationalize its way of working and scale its business with confidence. They also know that the system can be modified to support their evolving and emerging operational needs.

To learn more about these solutions, click here for R3 Contract Management and click here for R3 Program Management.

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