Fall 2017 R3 GovCon Suite - Product Spotlight

Fall 2017 Release – What’s New

For the Fall 2017 release we asked our customers two primary questions “How could we make your everyday tasks simpler?” and “What are the critical features that drive user adoption?”. We received a lot of feedback, but the results were consistent throughout. To simplify, consolidate the information in one place and remove any unnecessary navigation or other distractions. To drive adoption, make sure that information is relevant and echo the simplify response.

Armed with this feedback, we took a hard look at each solution with the overriding design theme “consolidate relevant information, simple to use and easy to adopt”. Below are four feature highlights that are introduced in the Fall Release. These highlights are examples of some of the innovations that we have made to make our customers lives simpler and ever easier to enjoy.

 My Work



Your work, One place

My Work makes work simpler for people by bringing their work to them. They can see what they need to do, write or review. They can take action. Work doesn’t get missed and there is no chance for confusion. Simple, clean, easy.



Role-Based Actions


Simpler to work, More control

Now you can control what users see and what they can do down to individual actions. With Role-Based Actions you assign Users to Roles and decide what those roles can see and do. Lock down features, entire collections of documents or individual, sensitive, information. If a user isn’t on the list they won’t even know it’s there.



Proposal Schedule


Automagic, Where things stand

People need to know where things stand. They spend loads of time gathering information and creating spreadsheets and powerpoints. Proposal Schedule automatically gathers milestones about all proposals and gives you a GANTT-style display. And, it’s interactive – one click and you can get to work.


Master Calendar



Automagic 2, What’s going on

People need to know what’s going on. They spend a lot of time gathering customer milestones and scheduled internal events and trying to get the whole picture. Our new Master Calendar goes and gets all of this information and presents you with a single calendar view of activity. Automagically.



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