Fall 2017 Release - R3 GovCon Suite

R3 GovCon Suite – Fall 2017 Release Overview

R3 Solutions is pleased to announce the release of the R3 GovCon Suite – Fall 2017. Our focus for this release has been “Making Work Simpler”.

R3GovConSuiteThe R3 GovCon Suite is an integrated set of solutions specifically for government contractors. The solutions cover the areas of Winning, Delivering, and Managing government contract work.  It is complex work, with many moving parts, and, many people that need to collaborate. We meet the business needs with our four core solutions:  WinCenter for Capture and Proposal Management, Task Order Factory, Program Management, and Contract Management.

We’ve heard from many of you that a key objective of your business is to make your work simpler. The magic is to take complex GovCon work and make it simpler. Doing this allows you to better focus on the tasks at hand, whether it’s developing proposals, managing contracts, or delivering the work…or all three.

This is where we’ve chosen to focus with Fall 2017. We are making our solutions simpler to use. Specifically, in Fall 2017, we made the user the focal point of the app, bringing the work to the user, reducing clicks and hopping around, automating manual processes, and improving the user interface. Some of the key highlights of the Fall 2017 Release include:

  • Product Spotlight: Task Order Factory application – We’ve added a whole new application to the GovCon Suite. Task Order Factory is designed for those organizations that work on multiple, complex Task Order proposal responses every month. Instead of customizing our solutions for this scenario we decided that it would be simpler for users to have a solution designed for this specific scenario. It helps organizations win more business by simplifying the task order proposal work. It provides the structure and user experience to address the volume, speed, and quality issues associated with task order proposal responses. Read our Product Spotlight for more information on Task Order Factory.
  • Feature Spotlight: Record View – A key innovation in Fall 2017 is the Record View. It is a special user experience that you’ll find across the solutions of the R3 GovCon Suite. It makes work simpler, easier and more convenient for users. It brings all of the relevant information to the user, so they don’t have to click around from screen to screen, site to site, or even app to app to do their work. It is a revolutionary feature and is getting rave reviews from our early users. Read our Feature Spotlight for more information on Record View.
  • What’s New… – Fall 2017 has a host of new features and capabilities that make your work simpler. Some of them are My Work, Role-based Actions, Proposal Schedule View, and Master Calendars. Read our What’s New for more information on these new capabilities of Fall 2017.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on Fall 2017. Contact support@r3bsolutions.com for information on upgrading. If you have feedback or ideas about what you want to see in our Winter 2018 release in January, you can connect with us via info@r3bsolutions.com.

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