R3 Program Management for GovCon

Make the soft work of GovCon Program Management more manageable.

R3 GovCon Program Management

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Program Management in Federal Government Contractors is core to the business. It is not project management but involves all of the unstructured work required to support and drive your programs - the soft work of GovCon Program Management. This work can now be made much more manageable.

The R3 Program Management for GovCon solution is specifically designed to meet your needs. It allows you to organize and automate the work of managing Up, Out, In, and Down. From status updates to contract deliverables, customer reporting and interaction and internal tasking and tracking - we've got you covered. You get the best of both worlds - feature-rich off-the-shelf software that is also exceptionally flexible to meet diverse program needs.

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Watch this video to see how you can make GovCon program work manageable. See the built-in flexibility that empowers you to adapt the software to meet specific program needs.

Key Capabilities to Make Your Program Work Manageable

  • Program Management hub to manage core program and contract data 
  • Program working sites for program specific information and activity
  • Program 360 dashboard with status updates and KPI's
  • Program document and data management
  • Configurable work automation
  • Contract deliverable compliance management (CDRLs)
  • Customer Portals and Consoles to drive interactive engagement
  • Action Item, schedule and workflow automation
  • Configurable reporting - program and portfolio
  • Integration with ERP and separate Project Management/Performance Systems
  • Design Canvas and Configuration Wizards make it easy to change and enhance
  • Solution runs on Microsoft SharePoint and leverages it for data and security

Top Program Management Scenarios

R3's GovCon Program Management solution is designed to support multiple scenarios as follows:

  • Integrated Program Management - to centrally manage a group of programs and contracts
  • IDIQ PM - when managing one or more multi-award IDIQ contracts and awarded task orders
  • Single-Award Contract, IDIQ-style Program Management - to manage a single award contract that is styled as an IDIQ with discrete task orders/delivery orders to be estimated and awarded and then delivered upon
  • Custom Program Workplaces - where you want to create a work environment for the customer, subcontractors and yourself that is custom designed to support the mission of the program



It's time that your software did the flexing.

Every GovCon program, contract or task order is different. You need flexibility to adapt your way of working to address program specific needs. We've built this flexibility into our software. It does the flexing. So, you can focus on driving the work.

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  • See how it organizes and streamlines your work
  • See how you are able to interact with customers, subcontractors and in-house personnel
  • See how easy it is to change to meet your specific program needs

Solution Overview



Core solution for program management work
  • Manage Up with real time information
  • Manage In with cross-organizational activity and work processes
  • Manage Out with customer and subcontractor engagement
  • Manage Down covering the details of the program/contract and integration with project management, financial and performance systems
Modular, extensible system to support your Program Management scenarioSSAS-software-training
  • To centrally manage a group of contracts, task orders or programs
  • For full life-cycle management of multi-award IDIQs
  • Supporting single-award, IDIQ-style contracts
  • For custom program workplaces for collaborative work of your employees, customers, and subcontractors
idiq_3Making work manageable

Managing a program involves the coordination of many details.  The solution structures the work and automates it to drive consistency and visibility.  A key area is CDRL deliverable management.  The process of tracking CDRL requirements, driving each deliverable and publishing it to the customer is fully managed.  This reduces the risk of critical deliverables falling through the cracks.

Customer engagement

Customers get visibility into the activity and can engage with you through a customer portal.  This allows you to structure the work that customers can see and do.  It adds value to your customer relationship and increases all parties efficiency.

Group workProgram workspaces and work automation

Each program/contract/task order has its own secure workspace.  Each can be tailored to the needs of that work.  Yet, they all feed your central program hub.

Visibility, reporting, and dashboards at all levels idiq visibility

Get the visibility you need into the activity for specific delivery orders/task orders, by program, or across programs.  You have business configurable tabular reports, pivot charts, and, drill-down graphical displays.  It also comes with an advanced reporting toolset to meet your exact needs including integration of external data.

idiq_6The flexibility to have it your way

Every organization is different; most programs are different. And, you need to be able to make changes as your needs change.  With our Design Canvas and Configuration Wizards you are empowered to have it your way.  You are no longer limited by your software.

The right platform

The R3 GovCon Program Management solution runs on Microsoft SharePoint, either SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013, the most widely adopted collaboration infrastructure in the world. It is built using the CorasWorks Application Platform. Since 2003, this platform, now in version 11, has been leveraged by more than 1,000 organizations and more than 1,000,000 users to create applications without requiring custom code development.