Putting Sharepoint to Work

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Microsoft SharePoint is the most widely adopted content & collaboration infrastructure in the world.  It is widely adopted by the Federal Government and by Federal Government Contractors.

R3 uses Microsoft SharePoint as its core back-end infrastructure platform for all of our solutions.  We use it for data, security and administration.  This means that an R3 solution just drops in right on top of your existing SharePoint environment.  SharePoint is therefore a required part of our Open Application Platform  approach.

Our solutions run on both SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016.  They run on the “on-premise” version of SharePoint, meaning in an environment that you control whether it is truly on-premise, off-site at a hosted facility, or part of your private cloud such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.  Our solutions support all editions of SharePoint including Foundation, Standard Server and Enterprise. They do not run on top of Office 365.

Time for some Business Critical Work?

Many Federal Government Contractor organizations use SharePoint.  Most commonly it is used for an intranet, collaboration and file sharing.  Typically, GovCon organizations are also using it for simple proposal work and simple processes.

R3’s business solutions go the next step and provide robust, purpose-built, off-the-shelf, business critical solutions that run on top of SharePoint.  They leverage the HumanTouch CorasWorks application platform to enable robust business applications without custom, proprietary coding – a key part of our Open Application Platform approach.  Our solutions compete with other 3rd party applications that are largely proprietary, custom-coded, and running on proprietary platforms.  With R3 business solutions on SharePoint you gain four key advantages:

  • They run on an open platform that you already own and know which lowers your cost and risk
  • Each solution can be natively integrated with other solutions on this platform (from R3, partners, or you)
  • You avoid costly and risky custom development work
  • You have the ability to customize, enhance and extend each solution to meet your specific needs instead of being dependent on the development of a third party

With R3, you are able to drive a new level of business value by really putting SharePoint to work.