About R3 Business Solutions

R3 Business Solutions helps Federal Government Contractors (“GovCon”) improve results in Winning, Delivering and Managing their business. We accomplish this by providing a suite of pre-integrated, off-the-shelf solutions running on Microsoft SharePoint. Our solutions all run on the R3 Work Management platform. It is an open, flexible environment empowering customers to modify, enhance and extend their solutions to create a customized GovCon workplace.

We now provide the GovCon industry with 8 solutions that are part of the R3 GovCon Suite – Summer 2015. Customers are able to start with one solution and build out their GovCon workplace as needed. We've been providing solutions to GovCon customers since 2009. We have recently begun to provide individual solutions to non-profits and general commercial customers. We do not provide products or services directly to the Federal Government.

Brief History of R3

Every company has a story. Here is ours.

2003 – Beginning of Application Platform on SharePoint

Michael Friedenberg (President) and William Rogers (Vice President) were co-founders of CorasWorks Corporation in 2003. CorasWorks became the leading provider of an application platform on SharePoint with more than 1,000 customers on all 7 continents. The core value proposition of the platform was and is the ability to design and build custom business solutions without requiring custom code development. This approach vastly reduces the time, cost and risk of delivering business solutions. This platform, the CorasWorks Workplace Suite, evolved through all releases of SharePoint since 2003 and is now in version 11 and being readied for the SharePoint 2016 release.

2009 – R3 Services for GovCon

Michael Friedenberg founded R3 Business Solutions to focus on delivering services and custom business solutions to Federal Government Contractors (“GovCon”) leveraging the CorasWorks platform on SharePoint. These work management solutions ranged from Proposal Management to Program Management and a broad range of business processes. By leveraging the CorasWorks application platform, R3 was able to deliver custom solutions in half the time and at half the cost of custom-coded solutions by developers using SharePoint.

2012 – R3 Solutions for GovCon

Based upon repeating customer needs, R3 partnered with customers and GovCon industry participants to create its first off-the-shelf business solutions for GovCon. The initial solutions were for IDIQ Task Order Management and Capture and Proposal management helping GovCon organizations to Win business. Through off-the-shelf, flexible solutions R3 was able to dramatically decrease the cost and risk of these solutions and increase the time to value and business value. This was accomplished while also enabling customers the flexibility to have it their way.

2014 – Expansion of R3 Solution Set

The success of initial GovCon customers with R3’s platform-based solution approach for Winning business drove demand for solutions for Delivering and Managing GovCon operations. In 2014, R3 began its expansion as a software solution company. William Rogers joined R3 to build the team and organization to deliver the broader solution set for the GovCon market. R3 began to create additional off-the-shelf solutions for GovCon business processes based upon its standardized, open work management platform.

2015 – R3 GovCon Suite - Summer 2015 Release

The culmination of R3’s expansion was the release of the R3 GovCon Suite – Summer 2015 in August of 2015. This initial release of the Suite consisted of 8 individually, market validated, GovCon solutions. They are off-the-shelf, pre-integrated, and flexible. They all are built on and run on a single work management platform on SharePoint. They provide GovCon organizations with the ability to improve results in Winning, Delivering and Managing their business. Customers can start with one solution and build out their workplace from there.

With the market success of our solutions in the GovCon Suite, we have begun to provide individual solutions to non-profits and the general commercial market.


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