How R3 eliminates silos

Improve organizational productivity by eliminating silo’d work

This month we released the R3 Contract Management solution. We now have a set of 8 solutions for GovCon organizations. They all run on and within a Microsoft SharePoint environment. Each solution can stand-alone and offers its own business value. However, an additional value proposition comes from the native ability of R3 solutions to inter-connect […]

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My Work v2 is Released – Business Process Enablement for SharePoint

Our GovCon customers have lots of processes.  Now, with My Work v2 they have a way to easily automate departmental and cross-organizational processes and to provide users with a convenient way to get their work done. My Work is an R3 solution that you just drop into any SharePoint environment (SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013). It […]

R3 Snaplet for Program Status

Enhancing your existing SharePoint sites with R3 Snaplets

R3 provides a growing portfolio of business solutions for GovCon that can be added to a SharePoint environment.  However, many GovCon organizations have existing SharePoint sites or systems of sites that they just want to incrementally enhance to improve their way of working.  Common examples are when they are using SharePoint for proposal management or […]