Top 5 IDIQ Task Order Management scenarios

Top 5 IDIQ Task Order Management business scenarios

As a Prime on IDIQs/GWACs/MATOCs you have a hunting license to win Task Orders. But, the business is competitive. And increasingly, you require a high level of operational efficiency in order to compete effectively, to win, and to scale. Over the last 5 years technology has changed. Task Order Management systems are now available and […]

Managing contract deliverables

Managing Contract Deliverables

Managing the compliance on commitments for Contract Deliverables is a required part of GovCon program management. The requirements may come from formal Contract Data Requirement Lists (CDRLs) or from stated contract requirements. Staying compliant on these contractual commitments is not fun work, but it is required. There are different levels of sophistication at which you […]

Software Work of Program Management

Managing the “Soft Work” of GovCon Program Management

R3’s Program Management solution is designed to manage the “Soft Work” of Program Management. The soft work includes what is needed to provide programmatic management of your programs/task orders/contracts across a portfolio.  And, it covers the work to manage the information, activity and interactions for specific programs. If you look out in the market for “Program […]

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R3’s Solution for End-to-End IDIQ Program Management

IDIQ Program Management involves the management of the end-to-end process of Winning and Delivering business from an IDIQ contract, and, the management of the overall program.  There are two main types of situations, Multi-Award Contracts (MACs) where you compete with other Prime Contract awardees to win Task Orders, and, Single-Award Contracts (SACs) where you do […]

R3 GovCon Program Management

R3 Releases Program Management for GovCon on SharePoint 2013

Finally, there is an off-the-shelf software solution that is purpose-built to address the needs of Program Management for Government Contractors. R3 Business Solutions has released Program Management for GovCon on SharePoint 2013.  This off-the-shelf solution addresses two sets of needs for Program Management.  First, it provides a core set of program management capabilities that are […]

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R3 Releases My Work for GovCon for SharePoint 2013 Workplaces

Many Government Contractors (GovCon) are leveraging Microsoft SharePoint for work.  Most use just the basic capabilities for document management and collaboration.  Increasingly, GovCon organizations are using it for business development, opportunity and capture management, proposal management, program management, project management and many supporting processes.  The problem is that SharePoint is by design a distributed work […]

Business Solutions for Federal Government Contractors

GovCon Solutions on SharePoint to Win, Deliver and Manage

In my first post, I provided an intro to R3 and our focus on business solutions for Federal Government Contractors.  In this post, I’ll drill down a bit deeper to talk about our solution categories and specific business solutions. Our business solutions serve what we call “the soft center of the GovCon workplace”.  They are […]